how much do smallmouth bass weigh

Another easy way to distinguish between the two fish is through the color of their scales. Read the estimated weight of 3.46 pounds (3 pounds, 7.4 ounces). 12.25…….0.88……..0.14 SIZE: The length of smallmouth bass most commonly caught is between 12 and 16 in (30.5 cm to 40.6 cm). Since the smallmouth fish tends to be more active in cold waters, they are best trapped during the early spring, in the morning, and late afternoon. So, let me make sure all of you actually has a pretty good idea about the star for tonight’s topic, bass fish!Understand about few features regarding bass fishes. 12 oz. Of course, we would talk about that. The bass captured during the tournaments were released in Cumberland Bay off Plattsburgh after the weigh-ins. NINES® Optics Debuts the NINES IKE Collection! First, most people can tell that largemouth fish are significantly larger, just as their name suggests. 13 oz. 23.25……7.65……..7.10 16.5: 2 lb. You can use this table to find the approximate weight of a bass by simply measuring the length of the bass to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and then finding that corresponding weight. They can also be found at the bottom of lakes, nestled in the sand, or around rocky cover. 17.25…….2.79……..2.13 20.00…….4.60……..4.10 However, we should mention that discoloration may be mistaken for a rough patch if not observed closely. 15: 1 lb. 1 oz. 1 lb. 16.75…….2.53……..2.08 Smallmouth bass will react favorably to the warming trends and these fish will move out of the winter holes and into transitionary water in mid to late March. As was the case with their size, we can also spot a clear difference in the appearance of these species’ (smallmouth vs. largemouth) mouths and jaws. 12 oz. Local variations could occur. 12.5" 15 oz. A reference group of eight largemouth bass and 33 smallmouth bass that were caught at The Gut, northeast of Plattsburgh, were also tagged and released near their point of capture to monitor their movements (Figure 4). 22.50……6.85……..6.14 Data and formulas are from studies conducted by TPWD and other scientific groups All lengths are total lengths unless fork length (FL) or lower jaw to fork length (LJFL) is indicated. 5 years ago. In contrast, the largemouth bass’ fins are scale-less. 16.00…….2.17……..2.03 10 oz. Select fish and enter length in inches: Bass graphic by Duane Raver, Jr. To calculate the weight of a bass below, enter length and girth in decimal inches (for example 22.5 and 18.5) and the various weight estimates will be automatically calculated.Note that these are all estimates. 2 oz. 5 oz. Weight: 10: 8 oz. You can then manually use the formula in this bass weight calculation chart below to calculate the approximate weight of your Largemouth or Smallmouth bass. This is a key factor in differentiating between the two species as the smallmouth bass keeps to clear water streams and rivers. 0 oz. Length (inches) Weight (.01th) (ounces) 17.50…….2.93……..2.15 Their looks, curiosity, habitat and ferociousness are a few reasons why they top my list. The rest of the year, the bass simply will not grow any longer unless they are at or above 100%. 14 oz. 6 oz. Size is one of the main factors when it comes to telling the large and small-mouth apart. 12 oz. 24.00……8.52……..8.08 In addition, smallmouth fish can be found across the Great Lakes, Hudson, and the Mississippi. Most fly fisherman choose a 9ft, but if you plan on using the fly rod in a conventional bass tournament, a … When choosing a smallmouth bass fly rod you should choose a rod in the 7 or 8 wt range. 15.5: 1 lb. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, A favorite Spook retrieval technique among anglers is called walk …, Bass fishing is a very rewarding activity for a lot …, The Xtasy, once a dream of many Dobyns Rods users, …, The Ike Foundation® hosted its 5th Annual Ike’s Celebrity Pro …, NINES Optics, manufacturer of the NIRTECH® polarized lenses, announces the debut …, Ultimate Bass, LLC | 5422 Amber Circle | Benton, LA 71006 | (318) 347-7380, Fall Topwater Bass Fishing “The Zara Spook”. By nature, this is a rough estimate only, and will give an average, approximate weight. Fish come in different shapes and sizes, and can vary greatly, just as humans of the same age/sex/height. 5 oz. The maximum recorded length for a smallmouth bass … Spawning time. Another way to differentiate between the large and smallmouth is by closely examining their dorsal fins, which are located along their upper body. Photo by Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game A stunned smallmouth bass emerged from the flood-swollen Snake River. But I don’t want beginners to be confused about little things that I’ll casually talk about. 16.50…….2.40……..2.06, Length (inches) Weight (.01th) (ounces) 20.25…….4.80……..4.13 A closer look at a largemouth reveals various shades of green, overlayed with a dark lateral streak on its side. They like hunting in strong current waters, so it’s much easier to trap them by casting nets into these aforementioned strong currents. And I don't really change baits for the feeding fish vs. the resting fish, but I do fish a heavier dropshot weight up-current from the structure to keep the bait down. 13.00…….1.07……..1.01 The girth is the length around the largest part of the body of a bass. Ike’s Celebrity Pro Am Bass Fishing Recap and Upcoming Ike Foundation Events, The Ike Foundation® Announces 2020 College Scholarship Winners, Angling Adventures with Steve Scaramastro, For more products recomended by Ultimate Bass visit our Amazon Store, Ike’s Celebrity Pro Am Bass Fishing Recap and Upcoming …, Day Two Bassmaster Classic Weigh-In Quips, Ehrler Western Division Angler of the Year. They fell shy of a limit, however, and fell short of first place by 14 ounces. 14.50…….1.55……..1.09 25.75…..10.81……10.13 If you are using a cast-and-retrieve type lure such as a crankbait or spinnerbait, oftentimes a bite will just feel like “mushy” weight on the line. This will make things easier. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. During winter, when cooler temperatures run rampant, these fish can be found along shallow waters. 18.50…….3.54……..3.09 11.5: 11 oz. The current IGFA world record for the biggest largemouth bass was set by Manabu Kurita with a 22-pound, 5-ounce, 29-inch monster caught on Lake Biwa in Japan. Lastly, experts also say that several other factors may adversely affect their size. 11.5" 11 oz. 22.25……6.60……..6.10 19.50…….4.23……..4.04 This characteristic is to a lesser degree for smallmouth, though, as they have more specific habitat requirements (higher oxygen concentration and colder water). I keep track of the relative weights of all my fish several times per year to make sure they are well fed and actively growing at all times! First of all, Smallmouth fish like to feed on nocturnal foliage such as crayfish, insects, shad, perch, and minnows. 13.25…….1.15……..1.02 Length (inches) Weight (.01th) (ounces) The Lenoir City team found success catching smallmouth on deep rocks with a Carolina rig. When hooked, smallmouth fish tend to swim around erratically and jump out of the water, a behavior that makes them less challenging when it comes to fishing for the thrill of the hunt. No matter what type of fly-fishing gear you get, basses have aggressiveness that it will show. Guess what there is a way that you can get the average weight of the bass that you caught. 16.25…….2.28……..2.04 We should also point out that size may sometimes prove problematic, particularly when the fish’s age has to be considered. “I had another 3-pounder on first thing this morning but it came off,” Key said. 13.5" 1 lb. Use your calculater and the above formula for a fair approximation Margin of error up to 6% The Formula for following species is thus Bass weight = (length x length … 20.50…….5.00……..5.00 7 oz. Another key character trait can be observed while fishing. A close examination of the Largemouth Bass’ upper jaw reveals that it extends above the eye. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Studies have shown that the average lifespan of a smallmouth fish is 12 years; in some cases, some individuals have been known to live up to 20-years. 14.25…….1.47……..1.08 21.75……6.11……..6.02 In contrast, the small-mouth bass usually only grows to weigh around 12 pounds. 11: 10 oz. 12: 13 oz. A much older smallmouth may also weigh just as much as a younger largemouth. Another method of identification would require you to hold up the bass fish and examine its tongue. 23.00……7.38……..7.06 19.25…….4.05……..4.01 18.00…….3.25……..3.04 These involve anglers trying to trap species like the supersized smallmouth and even the Lunker Largemouth. It is not meant to be 100% accurate. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Length to Weight Conversion Chart Length in inches … 1 oz. 24.75……9.45……..9.07 Smallmouth Bass Weight Conversion Chart. You can use up to a 10, but that is a bit overkill. Just measure the length, and then the girth. 15.75…….2.05……..2.01 They also like to swim around boulders and weeds. 13: 1 lb. A larger size and mouth usually mean more dominance, which improves the fish’s chances of survival. Largemouth Bass Weight. Largemouth bass and other species of the bass family can reach more than generous sizes for freshwater fish. Differentiating between the two fish subspecies, particularly when the largemouth is on the smaller end of the spectrum, can prove tricky, even for experienced anglers. Studies show that they can weigh as much as 25 pounds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 14: 1 lb. Learn how your comment data is processed. 9 oz. Growing up, I mainly fished small creeks and rivers for bronzebacks. 11" 10 oz. On the other hand, the smallmouths’ upper jaw lines up level with its eye, giving it a 90-degree opening. 1 lb. So, if we take smallmouth bass as the example, a fish born five years ago in Kentucky or Tennessee will be about 19-inches in length, weigh close to four pounds … 22.00……6.35……..6.06 Because of their popularity and appeal, a plethora of tournaments and events are held every year. Here are all the facts we could find in relation to the smallmouth vs. largemouth. Studies show that they can weigh as much as 25 pounds. By late March, smallmouth can consistently be found holding in the middle of the water column behind mid-river boulders and along the edges of current seams where fast water meets slow water. May 04, 2016 By Dr. 13.5: 1 lb. 17.75…….3.08……..3.01 14.5: 1 lb. Similar to largemouth, smallmouth bass have varying habitats that will determine the weight of the rod you’ll need to target them. 10.5: 9 oz. When caught in an angler’s hook, the largemouth fish while attempt to dive deeper and fight harder than the smallmouth fish ever could. Forgot your scale? 12.00…….0.82……..0.13 11 oz. 12.50…….0.94……..0.15 18.25…….3.38……..3.06 if you are a self proclaimed semi pro you should know. You can also use the weight calculator below. 24.25……8.82……..8.13 To put it simply, they’re just bad to the bone. On the other hand, the largemouth fish can be better trapped during the summer. Thus, the largemouths’ mouth can open up to 120 degrees, which is one of the qualities that give it its name. 8 oz. But really since you aren't, go to the library and read all about all the semi stuff you need to know about. 8 oz. 22.75……7.11……..7.02 The heaviest reported weight for a smallmouth bass is 5.4 kg (11 lbs., 15 oz.) 19.75…….4.41……..4.07 In contrast, largemouth fish usually feed on larger creatures such as frogs and even small aquatic birds. In comparison, the largemouth bass fish is known to live up to 16 years. 12" 13 oz. Although these two species are members of the same family, several slight differences can be observed. These include the type of habitat, for instance. When it comes to feeding, their aggressive and opportunistic nature places them much higher in the food chain than smallmouth fish. 10 oz. Ideally, they prefer to deposit their eggs on gravel, clay, and even submerged grassroots with a thin layer of mud for cover. 7 oz. In contrast, the small-mouth bass usually only grows to weigh around 12 pounds. As such, it comes as no surprise that Bass fishing has become a multi-million-dollar industry over the years. 17.00…….2.66……..2.11 * PLEASE NOTE: This is an estimate only. 21.00…….5.43……..5.07 They spawn once a year during spring when temperatures get to 60-degrees. 0 oz. In addition to this, a portion of the angler community insists that cloudy, drizzly days make for the best time to go fishing for the largemouth bass. Other than that, they also like to nest and hunt in areas around grass, rocks, stumps, and weeds. The Smallmouth bass is much … 23.50……7.94……..7.15 13.75…….1.30……..1.05 12 oz. Fish can be injured when weighed with portable scales. How can I tell if I have a bite? 0 0. 26.00…..11.17……11.03. This is going to happen! In the summer, smallmouth fish tend to move inshore, away from the shallows, to avoid the rising temperatures. a 18 inch fish is darn big there are bigger out there but would make a nice show piese for conversations. You might learn something, and reading about anything and everything is free. 14.00…….1.38……..1.06 6 oz. Smallmouth fish typically have dark vertical bars, are also black green, and boast red eyes. 25.50…..10.46……10.07 When it comes to habitation, Largemouth fish prefer warm and murky waters. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. 19.00…….3.87……..3.14 How Much Does Your Fish Weigh?. 10 oz. Source(s): 25.25…..10.11……10.02 The smallmouth bass has scales that are much smaller than the largemouths. 15.25…….1.84……..1.13 the smallest i would go for is 21-22 inches i cought a 19 inch smallie tonight see my point there close to the state mater angler submission size but not big enough. 10.5" 9 oz. Additionally, their bodies can range from white-yellow, brown to green. 16: 1 lb. 11 oz. 12.75…….1.01……..1.00 Or don't! I know, we are talking about weights and rods. They use stiffer rods and somewhat heavier tackle than trout rigs. The smallmouth bass is native to the upper and middle Mississippi River basin, the Saint Lawrence River – Great Lakes system, and up into the Hudson Bay basin.The world record size was over 11 pounds caught in the lake Dale Hollow, on the Kentucky—Tennessee border. 15.00…….1.74……..1.12 20.75…….5.21……..5.03 2 oz. The oldest reported age for smallmouth bass is 26 years. 24.50……9.14……..9.02 17: 2 lb. Smallmouth and spotted bass have smaller mouths than largemouth. 3 oz. The Largemouth’s dorsal fin is deeply notched and separated, while in comparison, the smallmouth’s dorsal fins have no breaks or gaps between them. 12.5: 15 oz. Upon close observation, you’ll find that the smallmouth bass has a tongue plagued with a rough patch, while largemouth fish tend to have smooth tongues with no patches. Anonymous. Key and Canova spent much of the weigh-in on the hot seat after weighing four fish for 11-13. 10 oz. 23.75……8.23……..8.04

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