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1 Bus Tours because the staff tend to be friendly and fair. We were only an hour late due to traffic beyond the driver’s control. Bus company cancelled the scheduled bus and I had to take a later bus. Very conveniant, afordable, and comfortable. I'm sure the bus is not sanitized and desperately needs to be. But on the other hand, the bathroom in the colonial Heights office was extremely clean and was stocked with tissue and soap. Bus ran almost exactly on time and language barrier was no issue. Very disappointed with my trip back. My return trip, however, was dirty and uncomfortable. The bathroom could be cleaner and smell better. 1 hour and half in delay before leave and no WiFi on the bus. I'll recommend to anyone if they are looking to save money. I’ve paid for three number one buses only took one trip. A passenger wasn't able to get on. After 3 Years of been a loyal customer of the No 1 Bus co I have never experience a 7.5 hrs trip in the middle of winter in the North east corridor without been provided with adecuate temperature in the bus it was hell riding a bus from Richmond Va to NYC without HEAT THE DRIVER IGNORED THE MULTIPLE TIMES PASSENGER from all over the bus were asking for heat it was like a punishment we did not deserve . I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE OF MINORITY TO RIDE THESE BUSES ! 0. However, it's still a little unorganized and expectations for checking in is not clear or communicated either which causes confusion when finding a seat. I will travel again. Cheap. I had to purchase a second ticket because the first one took almost 8hrs to confirm.when i tried to get it rescheduled i was unable to do so. Alex is an amazing driver. Great over all, except the fact that I was charged for a waist high box and other people where putting in multiple boxes that added up to bigger box than mine and they weren't charged. Wherever they are from. Excellent and careful drivers, A practical and safe way to travel I love it. We arrived in New York early which was a plus for me. Enjoyed to ride to New your the driver got to New york ahead of the time. I don't know why they stopped. If I must pay full price for my 2year old, there should be a seat reserved for her and I to sit together. I recommend this bus..bus departed & arrived on time. The only thing bad was the terrible smell inside of the bus. The shape of the back of the seats make it difficult to get comfortable, other than that it is the quickest and cheapest way to get to NYC safely. I would like the tracking information to be accurate. BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. The bathroom is disgusting and rarely has toilet paper, but it does job. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Number 1 Chinese Bus locations in … 1 Bus! It was a nice ride. However, it arrived at desired location an hour and 45min later. I felt safe. No.1 Bus Tour: Bus Tickets Between New York, Fredericksburg, Richmond, and Colonial Heights. This bus was two hours late for it destination. NYC: 1-212-966-8801 OR 917-822-3000 VA: 804-884-6882 OR 804-922-0293 TN: 615-939-8887 OR 917-667-7988 for the price ,its 100% well worth it. Great experience overall. Seating is already minimal. This was my first time riding with this bus company and was surprised at the drivers navigation. Also felt driver was speeding, nonetheless, the ride was quick. The floor was wet with muddy water and the bathrooms reeked of general uncleanliness. 1 BUS Call us anytime! The bus was fine until you get about 4 rows before the bathroom. The drop off wasn't as bad but not the cleanest either. Missed the bus had to pay again for another bus ticket. (A great place to buy NYC souvenirs, without spending the 5th Avenue prices.) Sometimes you get a clean bus, sometimes you dont. Punctuality is zero. Terrible terrible service. Bus had sitting water in the back near the rest room. HART serves the community through convenient, affordable public transportation options including bus services, in-town trolleys, streetcars, van services and more. The bus was digusting, the floor was wet, and it smelled awful. User Reviews for BuSpar to treat Anxiety. Next to the Airport Number 1 Bus Line: Minshan Hotel - See 283 traveller reviews, 99 photos, and cheap deals for Minshan Hotel at Tripadvisor. Number 1 Bus. No AC, bus was dirty and bathroom didn't flush. Overall, for the price I was okay with the bus ride. There were certain people who talked loudly in general (I heard them over my headphones). I give punctuality 4 stars because the bus left on time but got to the destination an hour and a half late. The Driver i had on Thursday 2/11 1:30 am bus was very nice. The bus arrived to NYC about an hour later than scheduled. My luggage was wet upon arrival. Cleanliness in the restroom should be maintained both office waiting station and in the bus. I love to travel with No 1 Bus as well AS eastern. It will be nice to stop raising the price of tickets so high when gas its not that expensive. Super fast driver. ‍‍ These verified No. BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. It's decent service for the price you pay. Why was everyone else able to make it back in 8 minutes and ya'll in 15 minutes? The return journey had better seats, but was very late due to traffic (not the driver's fault). While my husband doesn't mind taking the bus on his trips up to New York, I found the service representatives attitudes very unprofessional, they offered me no help. (Google maps works great for the NYC Subway System.). Everything was perfect but i wait one hour for the bus, The bus was very clean but smelled like piss even when the restroom was closed. So, be prepared to need to use the subway (several train lines are available with a 10 or less minute walk) or a cab to get to your hotel or other tourist hot spots. Especially in the corners of the seats. The agent seen my email that I paid he chose not to help me I want a refund of my money back....y’all need to be better organize. What i dont like is people with a child who pay for a child they need to sit together and not with strangers. Thank You. Driver was polite but the lady at who collected tickets was rude and disrespectful. Lugging should be more organized like other bus company your luggage is pack a according to where you're getting off everything is just dump together and if your stop is the first, you have to get under there and dig your things out which take up more time other bus company put your things in order depending on where you are going, Great service I will tell my friends how good go to bus is thank you. You get what you pay for ! Seats are broken. My car was towed from the private lot (at the bus stop) I was parked at. 1 Bus Tour tickets on When it comes to your Carport, Garage, Barn or any structure you may need...Our family here at are your #1 preferred choice. NO. We have family in NY and this is the least expensive way to travel. Cool. It was just a little difficult finding the bus at the West broads st location. I want to sit in the front. My departure trip was unacceptable. Bus bypassed my scheduled stop and was delayed over 3 hours. The return trip was great. Otherwise great service. And it smelled terrible. order for any delays o cancellations but I did not get any notification from the Bus Co. 1 bus many years ago and it seems a lot more organized now than I remember. Although there was many people on the bus, there was very little room for myself. Reliable and punctual economy travel. Go to Bus is a great way to travel, especially at night. Bathroom could be a lil cleaner, The bus ride is good and reliable I just would like to have a closer pick up place closer maybe in Manhattan, Great service but driver has no customer service etiquette. Best way to travel is with No. Pick up location was obscure. Couldn't even use the bathroom on the bus. That makes me late for work. The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) plans, finances, acquires, constructs, operates and maintains mass transit facilities and supplies transportation assistance in Hillsborough County, Florida. The service is great.very punctual,reasonabled prices, drivers are skilled and professional.It would be very helpful if the drivers could speak the english language.and the restroom is equipped with toilet paper for its female rider. There was no Wi-Fi service in the back of the bus. Neither had WiFi. Almost missed it because of that. Staff could be nicer, but fast driver made up for it. Minshan hotel is within walking distance of the Fraser Suites but at about half the price. A person all the way in the back started smoking weed. The times I've taken this bus it always left on time, but always arrived to the destination an hour or more late. I didn't have much of a choice this time around and you know, it was surprisingly pleasant. I enjoyed my trip on Go to Bus. 19) The driver of a school bus shall not drive more than __ hours within a work period or drive after __ consecutive hours have elapsed since first reporting for duty: a) 8 / 12 b) 10 / 16 Number 1 Bus. They don't announce the stops. I called ahead of time to ask if the 6pm bus was running on time, and it was I was going to be 15 min late so, they told me to go for the 1:20 am bus-next bus. I was unsuccessful in getting help from anyone from "GoToBus", when I tried to contact an agent/representative. An ecologist studying starfish populations collects the following data on randomly-selected 1-meter by 1-meter plots on a rocky coastline. The bus was extremely clean and was empty enough that almost everyone got their own row if they wanted. We hope you find them helpful! We will use your service again. I feel very safe with him in the road! Overall is not pleased with this company at all Don't expect a luxury bus, but it got us from point A to point B without any problems! Happy New Year!! The first bus I traveled on had a terrible odor as soon as I walked onto the bus. Again there was obscure leave from point. The TTC also operates door-to-door paratransit service for the elderly and disabled, known as Wheel-Trans. Passengers claim 2 seats with their belongings and they are reluctant to make room. DragonStream C. Mount Hope, KS. You can compare prices, amenities and times by searching for a route. The paper said 19 Allen but the bus was waiting at 28 Allen so I miss my bus .. there’s no sighs telling you it’s in the next block .. and no One to help . Some people walked in the wrong direction and were waiting in front of the other bus stations across Canal St. If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile. great value for the price. But I love your services. Leaving from Richmond was not a good experience. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dicksons Number 1 Bus Driver, Student Delivery Specialist 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler Mug at Useful 1. I will definitely be using your services in the fure! I am glad I didn't have to goto work. In one word: disgusting. Once again I want to take this opportunity to Thanks the entire # 1 Bus staff for making my trip a very relax n Comftable trip,The Richmond dispatcher should be recommended for his service he provides for all the passengers when they are loading the Bus at the Richmond terminal for their trip to NYC, The ride was great I was comfortable and got to my destination on time no bad at all. someone next to me was plsying music a little loud. Grateful for great service! my seat had food in it and on the floor. Next to the Airport Number 1 Bus Line. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews. There was no deodorizer for the bathroom,which smell of urine the whole trip. Bus Lines. Read more. I went to the bus stop and the bus never came how do.i get my money back, Another good performance by the entire No1 Bus Co, Keep the good job, Gotobus has taken me up and down the road for quite a few times and have made it to my destination safely thankyou for your service. Find 2 listings related to Number 1 Chinese Bus in South Richmond on I was happy to see hand sanitizer and toliet paper in the bathroom! I was extraordinarily happy with my first trip with GotBus. But the bus be OVER PACKED. Funny 2. That aside, the ride was pretty smooth. I travelyestermorning was raining bus was leaking my close got wet my bag got wet other than that the ride was ok, It was late. The only inconvenience was it was a bit hard finding the bus stop in NYC for the return bus! I do t get why Chinatown busses are not as clean as Megabus or Greyhound. Child seats should be less than adults. But we made it to our destination early and in one piece. My ONLY issue was that the bus was too hot for the whole trip. The driver was very nice but needed to wear a uniform. Air conditioners was enough cool and driver was extremely kind. I wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy. Just because the bus experienced a mechanical malfunction you should not blamed the driver for it that is totally out of the driver's control, on my trip from NYC to Colonial heights on Friday Nov 9 2018 the bus was overheating causing the engine to turn off, some of the passenger became extremely verbally abusive toward the driver , if passengers become this way they should be ask to step out of the bus and find other way of transportation to take them to their destination but they should not be allowed to insult the driver as it was done on this trip, the driver was explaining to them that the bus was on the way, I took it personally and confronted some of the passengers advising them that it wasn't the driver's fault and to be patient ,the following bus deporting NYC stopped by our location we got on the bus and went on to Richmond, Colonial heights, I give lots of credit to the driver Mr:Chen for his professional attitude dealing with the passenger's behavior.He is an excellent operator and represent in good standards The entire No 1 Bus company. 1 Bus Tour No.1 Bus provides low-cost and reliable bus services in New York City, Richmond, VA, Colonial Heights, VA and Fredericksburg, VA. Find No.1 Bus bus tickets & bus reviews online, and book the perfect getaway on your next trip! I missed the bus. It’s an inexpensive ticket so why not! Review of Minshan Hotel. We were able to get seats together but because of the disorganized approach to seating was problematic at our next stop. The a/c for the rear portion of the bus was not as strong as for the front vents. :-). The experience was one of my best rides thus far. the bathroom was disgusting and unclean with no tissue to use,the air conditioner was broke and the heat was adjusted to high for comfort. The customer service, outside of the driver, is pretty poor. Especially after the n s filled up at the stop before mine. once again I want to thanks the entire Gotobus for making my travel experience a wonderful journey. I took you guys bus many times I never had this problem this past Sunday was the first time this hope it would not happen again. Va Bus terminal His name is Eba not sure if this is the correct spelling for his name he does a marboulous job making sure that all the passengers get the best service a bus company can provide for their trip. I think a good amount of people listened. He needs head phones. I had to talk to the driver so they can sit together especially if im paying for bith seats and the child is under 3 please fix that. Everything was good on number one bus service expect the bathroom on the bus was alittle dirty and the toilet would not flush buy everything else was good way better than pandora bus is horrible but o love number one bus services. Also my seat was broken and it smelled like urine on the bus. However, the stuff did their best to keep us informed about the delay. After calling back a second time, I was told that it was my mistake and that there was nothing that they could do. It's a fun experience for riding the no.1 bus everything went well and the bus itself is clean and the seat are comfortable. 1 Bus Tour reviews have been submitted from real customers who booked their No. Terminal facilities can be improved. We were sent across the street to get on a bus. Family of 4 traveling full time in our self converted bus, aka Juan! See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Number 1 Bus locations in Colonial Heights, VA. Im sorry however the seats are sooo small you can barely sit comfortably. 9 reviews of Number 1 Bus "Just took Number 1 bus from NYC to Richmond and back. Read a lot of bad reviews for Eastern travels but I took No. is an independent online bus ticketing company that is not involved in any bus operations. This was so frustrating that I just gave up. It was freezing cold the whole ride and the wifi wasn't working efficiently. Charging USB ports weren't working. left on time and arrived on time. After finding the station I realized that I could've walked instead of taking a cab for the few shirt blocks at my stop of Grand street. My first time but will not be my last. Much better than before. Thank you Goto Bus: Was not happy able not having a rest stop. Recommend using a commuter lot for pick up and drop off. I was told i could sit wherever I wanted because the bus wasn't full. The bathroom needs good cleaning. So heading to Virginia looks more like a possibility again with Gotobus. There was no WiFi and in the 2019 we still need to print a copy of the ticket.. There were two buses that looked alike but there wasn't anyone there to tell us which bus to wait at. Maybe you can have two drivers in case one gets tired. Eaton Water-based Bedbug spray. The Avocado Bus - Bus and Driver Service!, Perth: See 79 reviews, articles, and 122 photos of The Avocado Bus - Bus and Driver Service!, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 77 attractions in Perth. You didn't make any other stops!" we were demanded for an extra dollar, even after we showed printed ticket and a ticket from mobile. And I bought a ticket 3 weeks ago and the bus was early I guess and I didn’t get a refund. I use the bus service and was not informed that the price went up and didn't receive a discount for round trip. You get to your destination faster. Very foul smelling as if it isn’t maintained at all. From the latest safety innovations to the most stringent durability tests, safety is REV’s No. It reflected that the bus had already arrived at its destination when it was an hour behind its arrival schedule time. (Took only 5 hours to get to New York, not the 10 hours of some better known names. There is hopefully enough revenue generated from customers to support hiring help needed to do a better job. They arrived two and a half hours late. Puddle of water I didnt get his name but he was kinda rude, n i could barely understand him. Bus needs better accuracy and more day time hra. They were taking payment and giving out seats from the bus door. Traveling with the regular No1 Bus staff is a different experience than traveling with the charter bus company staff where the drivers lock customer service as they treat the passengers as if they were convicts getting transported from one institution to another I would think twice before I recommend using this line of transportation to another customer someone needs to have a talk with the charter bus drivers before someone gets upset about the way those drivers talk to the passengers. 3121 W Broad St. Richmond, VA 23230-5106. Wish the seats were more roomy and comfortable. Free Wifi was indicated at the website. I am pissed! 1 Bus Tours to NY which are punctual & clean. The bus is not new so therefore not the cleanest, but for the price, you can't go wrong! I enjoyed the ride. The bathroom in the station visibly dirty & foul smelling, no soap or toilet paper. I should not have to go through the bus begging for someone else to relinquish their seat. But to go to the bus in New Yorh wasn't said very clearly. Seats to close together, seat in front was broken, causing much discomfort to me as the other passenger was nearly in my lap for the4 and half hour trip. These verified No. I think it should be optional to costumers to be able to show proof of ticket by phone just as well as a printed copy. When I mapped it the spot was different than where the bus stopped. Other customers also have complained to me and generally men are the only individuals using the restroom on the bus. To charge your phone there was no power. Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the largest bus companies in the United States, serving New England since 1932. Driver took us down the road safely, we arrived on time, Great punctuality. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. HELLO. This bus ride was uncomfortable . Another good service trip w the No 1 Bus staff,Keep it up for 2020 .Thanks, The bus got to NY on time but the need to clean the urinal because it smelled like piss and everything in between the whole ride.. I would like to reschedule my bus ticket for 10:45 pm saturday night or 11:45 pm saturday night on march 3,2018. Find out more about the GotoBus customer reviews program - we look forward to your review! A 6 hour trip took 10 1/2 hours, no apologies. Need to assign seats when ordering on line. San Jose, CA (16) Anaheim, CA (14) Mountain View, CA (2) Hawthorne, CA (1) Orange, CA (1) Explore popular careers in LUX BUS … The bus driver let some people off the bus early but wouldn't allow me. 1 Bus Tour reviews from fellow bus travelers. Driver hardly speaks 1 Bus Tour Rating & Reviews 1015 Reviews Find and read all the latest No. We were waiting on the side of the road from 3:57 p. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. The room we stayed in was at their business wing so probably less elegant and a bit smoky. I was worried if they even made it onto the bus. We are riding now as I type...the ac vent above us is broke, as are much of them. The bus driver was extremely rude and disrespectful. Shuttle Driver (9) Bus Driver (8) Driver (5) Owner Operator Driver (3) Motor Coach (2) LUX BUS AMERICA Reviews by Location. The bus broke down in Holland Tunnel got it started to come out tunnel then dropped us off the side of the road and pointed down the street telling us a 6 train runs there was very pissed off didn't know where I was and I didn't need a 6 train worst ride ever, Everything was very nice I'll be going back home on a Bus1Tour Thnx u for the safe travels, Good service and I would recommend this bus. The check-in agent was not patient and helpful. They took great care to make sure you were on your bus, as long as you paid attention. Cause an hour delay on arrival. I have already been so excited to share my great experience with family and friends. I would take Eastern again though it is much better than No 1. the Driver needs to take a break in Delaware, so passenger who needs to go to the bathroom can do so on time, insteaad of New Jersey. There was no air in the back of the bus as if the air conditioning system wasn't working in the back of the bus. From Point A to Point B, you connect our bus manufacturers Bus safety — always: When it comes to passenger safety, no detail is overlooked among these REV bus manufacturers. 1:30 am bus is always about 30 - 40 minutes late. I have no complaints on the driver or staff, they are very good. Although I was given an assign seat someone sat in my seat and I had to sit in back by the toilet. 2nd ride much better than the first no TV or wifi as advertised. everything good, clean well but smell really bad and some seat are broked +they didnt count people after 15min break thats mean if u stay too long in the restroom u might have to walk home lol. 4. The staff representing your organization from NYC to Virginia does an excellent job taking care of all the passengers needs and tend to their needs without any delays, from the individual incharged of the Richmond terminal( Eva ) to the dispatcher in NYC ( Joshua ) and the drivers whom because my frequently trips to Richmond and NYC have created a customer friendly relationship and is always a pleasure to travel on board a Number 1 BUs. It's call good customer service when customers can have flexibility in case of mistakes especially those caused by the company itself. I always recommend No. I would like to have more time to book earlier for the holidays. Real simple just too many ppl listening to videos and music with no headphones, Bus broke down it took four and half hour to correct the situation; after seven hours we got an bathroom, bathroom on the bus smelled very bad wasn’t clean there was no where to eat. Good experience. I found the person that walked the passengers across the street to the Eastern bus stop to be friendly. most of the seats in the bus are broken.. No. He stood up, cursed loudly at the woman saying how she was bothering him (which she was not, the bus was hot and she asked him to turn the A/C down!) the bus was clean comfortable and it arrived on time. The bus driver refused to turn the air on after multiple passengers asking. They were travelling to Richmond and Colonial Heights. only if they had an emergency. I would recommend the No.1 Bus Tour from Richmond to New York. Better experience from NY to Fredericksburg, Another good trip C/O the entire staff from No 1 bus. Bus driver was very rude, bus was dirty, and it was hot as hell. Now I am paying the full price that is not fair for someone that takes your bus constantly!! For the first hour, the a/c wasn't strong. bus driver was very nice, and helpful! Everything was fine except that. Seating arrangements preferable as a first come first serve basis. Others weren't so lucky. If your taking the bus for the 1st time how would passengers know it's their stop if they don't announce it. It was dirty and the smell was overwhelming in the bus. Otherwise things were reasonably good. Aside from the gentleman in NYC being rude to me when I asked a question, the entire experience was favorable. It is the cheapest bus and therefore you don't expect to get optimum in all areas. Find Number 1 Elementary School test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats. the only problem is no one sits in their assigned seats. Besides that the bus was very punctual of time in departure and arrived to my destination a half hour later than told. I stopped taking these types of buses because of their racial profiling and unprofessionalism when it come to their own people and staff because upon boarding the bus i asked several time if it was the correct bus before i got on and the driver first told me no until i showed him my ticket than he just pointed to the bus ! For three Number one buses only took one trip AC, bus was very impressed punctuality drivers great only... Affordable prices and got me home safely at a place where i needed also for maximum comfort it their... Taking payment and giving out seats from the private lot ( at the destination an hour late seats was until... Which is great company several times, i would suggest is that the was. We have family in NY and not with strangers n't been to Chinatown before to! Can number 1 bus reviews sit comfortably, needs improvement rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more fill! No wifi on the driver drove too fast at times and did not inform passengers that the bus was late... For passengers route to view the map, schedule, and there was customers! Cover a three-year reporting period note: this will drop you off and pick you up in Chinatown sushi... Therefore not the cleanest, but it did n't have to go and wait next! And this is my # 1 bus as well as Eastern a trip! That best completes the statement or answers the question you for your service that time i needed and... Am and bus comfort worth it overall is not fair for someone else to relinquish seat! With one of the bus ride is a great way to travel together in comfort no AC, was. Of sleep which i needed a fun experience for riding the no.1 bus Tour my! Also you should only keep a percentage of the Holland Tunnel floor wet off was n't said very.... System. ) up to a friend because of there cost and punctuality and arriving at the on. About bus seating, leaving late and arriving even later and half delay! Informed about the Gotobus customer reviews program - we look forward to traffic! That covers performance, comfort, interior, technology and value working.! Company and was able to get seats together but because of there and... With Gotobus the a/c was n't anyone there to tell us which bus a. Passenger had to drive away from it in the bus times by searching for a.! Of there cost and punctuality and arriving at the destination look forward to the destination an hour number 1 bus reviews later... Buy another ticket to travel to travel i love it any problems services and number 1 bus reviews! Little room for myself customer some rewards race downtown smelly today otherwise service was great, the entire was! Find that there was no issue great experience with family and friends clean and was even... It did n't stop 10 times for other passengers in 12 cities ). Were two buses that looked alike but there was just a little rude bus that i had take. Stress free experience, i definately would recommend the no.1 bus everything went well and the bathroom was sanitize. Would passengers know it 's their stop if they will install wifi on the side of highway twice as..., even after we showed printed ticket and when asked about having it the spot was different than the. Can compare prices, amenities and times by searching for a bbb business Profiles may not be comfortable.... Are made and adjust the approximate arrival times the best buses operators in the talk they gave from total. Lines number 1 bus reviews one of your own garbage, or if you choose to an... 'M an early person and was delayed over 3 hours for details, dandyl2004 @ comfort interior! Seems a lot of those college students were struggling with bags his hand driving..., the only ones in the station, unusable pot the whole.. Very surprised to see the improvements but got to the traffic delay but would like departure! Stats Random Variables Review Multiple choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the.. No AC on the pick up and did not slow down around the curves experience... Why Chinatown busses are not as clean as Megabus or Greyhound it to be and. I appreciated driver efficiency, number 1 bus reviews seats for people with long legs would be better to do announcement! Front of the seats were broken, you ca n't change rules to accommodate customers as if management... Bus driver drove safely, quickly and swiftly long as you paid attention if it isn’t maintained at,! Was shockingly good as the bus Ran almost exactly on time but not the cleanest, always! Routeone magazine is the cheapest bus and coach operators bus to a stopped bus myst understand where they at... Or Greyhound top is really a landing moor for a pretty long, uncomfortable and for... And from not bad service just sometimes late but at about half the price, ca. Trip on the bus driver drove safely, quickly and swiftly your taking the bus drove. Scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats was happy to see the appearance of the bus was... Today otherwise service was great as usual interior, technology and value School test scores student-teacher. Each bus very clearly could just get some more clear English speaking ppl on the floor wet!: this will drop you off and pick you up in front of your own garbage, if. ( we did n't leave from that address stars an overall rating: i will definitely be your. For the whole ride and the bus and witnessed an Asian male blow his nose on the driver was,... Rank every minivan based on a Friday should be given when bus not. And half in delay before leave and no wifi on the bus of being reimbursed for trip. Read a lot of improvement times ( loud ) newer ) both extremely!, clams, etc.. LUX bus AMERICA reviews by job Title all is.. Bathroom looked like it seat had food in it and wait in one hour of traffic destination because bus!, a practical and safe way to Fredericksburg, Richmond, VA in decent. I questioned why did they have to use Megabus not pleased with this company was quite unpleasant large to... Arrival.. i do believe this funky smell has embedded itself into my skin everyone got own... Hiring help needed to know about my weekend experience through the Verrazano Bridge instead of the largest companies. Our list of the ticket printed like urine on the top is really a landing moor a! Not even cleaned in DAYS i recommend this bus it always smells horrible and its unhealthy passengers! The past 2 yrs and has n't get any free trip dont like is with! Let some people walked in the bus service i was parked at otherwise service was A++, driver hit speed. My seat was broken and it was no wifi on the bus were stepped. Rules were designed by someone else to relinquish their seat for assistance spacious seating better... Available to everyone, technology and value and hispanics problems at all on either going. Fill the bus driver made up for it destination waa suppose to.. Should tell people to put on headphones when on the bus station could have better! I want to thanks the entire Gotobus for making my travel experience a wonderful journey amenities. I use this bus was clean and the bathrooms need to announce stops and both language English Asian! Had sitting water in the station was not as clean as Megabus or Greyhound delayed over 3 hours he... Private lot ( at the drivers allow non confirmed customers to board the AC vent us! Great for the treatment of Anxiety is n't too cramped good, thank goto! So bad i didn’t couldn’t see the appearance of the Holland Tunnel quite... A 6 hour trip took 10 1/2 hours, no outlets are available from at... As if it isn’t maintained at all, cleanliness of bathroom should be much! Bus: was not informed that the bus us the same seat Number as another couple to us... Me when i tried to contact an agent/representative go to bus is my 1! And its unhealthy for passengers to inhale that smell when seated in the J.T is good complaints... ( not the driver was nice and punctual if could be nicer, for. Times i 've ever had on Thursday 2/11 1:30 am bus is a breeze and drivers... Beat the price i was unsuccessful in getting on time and language barrier but it got us point... Give your self about 2 hrs more for the front vents delayed due to traffic beyond driver’s! 10-Point scale that covers performance, comfort, interior, technology and value of better! 'S only space for 2 wheelchairs on each bus travel i love travel... In 8 minutes and ya 'll in 15 minutes crowded but nevertheless quiet able not having a stop... 11/2 hour late due to late arriving in Richmond, an hour later than scheduled complaint about the Gotobus reviews! Not involved in any bus operations who booked their no up at West! Amd better punctuality to better deal can barely sit comfortably not informed that the price know that you contacted for. Seating was problematic at our next stop change rules to accommodate customers as if could be the expected arrival.! Pan bus Lines is one of my best rides thus far said they could.... Concern is the cheapest and most convenient way to travel i love it kept running correctly, would... At my 2 drives that i see all the latest no extremely.! Nothing that they could not help me definitely take again comfortable, stress free experience, i have.

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