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; decimal is instead more accurate than the two others, at the cost of performance. Regards, Bhuwan Chopra. long double will have more precision while float will have a less precision. c documentation: Single precision and long double precision floating-point remainder: fmodf(), fmodl() Actually with very double number there is a precision attached. conversion from long double to decimal with at least DECIMAL_DIG digits and back to long double is the identity conversion: this is the decimal precision required to serialize/deserialize a long double (macro constant) It has 15 decimal digits of precision. double: for numbers with double precision. If the destination type can store all values of the source type, the conversion is implicit. Otherwise, if the argument has integer type or the type double, sin is called. Double is also a datatype which is used to represent the floating point numbers. These ranges may vary from compiler to compiler. 4) Type-generic macro: If the argument has type long double, sinl is called. Double-precision is declared using the keyword double. float: for numbers with single precision. Actual properties unspecified. It is a 64-bit IEEE 754 double precision floating point number for the value. Live Demo If the argument is complex, then the macro invokes the corresponding complex function (csinf, csin, csinl). float and double types are meant to use when performance is more important than precision. The IEEE standard also specifies half-precision (2-byte) and quadruple-precision (16-byte) formats, and a double-extended-precision (10-byte) format, which some C and C++ compilers implement as the long double data type. The following table illustrates the technical attributes of various floating-point types in C. It is important to notice that this is only the minimal requirement for storage size defined by C. Double. Different data types also have different ranges upto which they can store numbers. The following table provide the details of standard floating-point types with storage sizes and value ranges and their precision − Type Storage size Value range Precision; float: 4 byte: 1.2E-38 to 3.4E+38: 6 decimal places: double: 8 byte: 2.3E-308 to 1.7E+308: 15 decimal places: long double: 10 … The long double type was present in the original 1989 C standard, but support was improved by the 1999 revision of the C standard, or C99, which extended the standard library to include functions operating on long double such as sinl() and strtold().. Long double constants are floating-point constants suffixed with "L" or "l" (lower-case L), e.g., 0.333333333333333333L. var signedByte = (sbyte)42; var longVariable = (long)42; Conversions. Otherwise, sinf is called. But how C programmer manages with only 3 data types. long double: for numbers with extended precision. To avoid the problem you facing you got to device your own data structure to represent precision you require. long double: Real floating-point type, usually mapped to an extended precision floating-point number format. Otherwise, you need to use a cast expression to perform an explicit conversion. You can convert any integral numeric type to any other integral numeric type. Fact is, They can derive many data types … long double in C History. double: It is used to store decimal numbers (numbers with floating point value) with double precision. Here is the syntax of double in C language, double variable_name; Here is an example of double in C language, Example. -1.7e308 to +1.7e308 (15 decimal precision) long double 10-1.7e4932 to +1.7e4932 (19 decimal precision) Mainly, the primary data types are of three varieties, char int, and float. When using non-integer numeric types in C#, it is important to know the pros and cons of each specific type.

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