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Scramble up the LEFT side of the crags until you come across a small path that takes you to a scrambling traverse over the gully. But the views make all the hard work worth it. The Rough Crag scramble is fairly innocuous but it's a good way to arrive on Scafell Pike. We soon made our way down to the top of Calf Cove passing more & more groups of walkers along the way, by the looks of things Scafell Pike will be one busy summit today, we both agreed that given the fact that today is the Summer Solstice, walkers would still be here at 9pm this evening making the best out of the years longest day. Should you feel like an ascent on Pen from Great Moss there is now a large stone cairn marking a faint path that flanks Esk Buttress to the left by following the ravine largely all the way to the summit, but, be prepared for a steep climb! 50 Minutes to the top of Causey Pike (30 minutes of rain) and I timed it so the cloud broke as soon as I got to the top! This photo was taken from where the last red dot can be seen in the previous photo, we followed a steep grassy rake which soon tuned into fixed boulder scree, getting around or over the boulders just added to the excitement of the ascent as the rock was porous giving excellent grip throughout the ascent. PIke O'Stickle South Face Come and walk Scafell Pike – England’s highest mountain. Plotted with the route planner. Looking north to Derwentwater and Skiddaw. Inside Philadelphia, it is called Ridge Avenue.Going westward, it traverses many eastern Pennsylvania neighborhoods including Conshohocken and beyond, eventually connecting with Germantown Pike to the west. We soon came to a section of Lingcove Beck where the Valley of Mosedale is passed to our left, here we spot two walkers heading out over Thostle Garth (foreground) looking like they had a wild camp in mind, we could only look on with envy. It’s not very often such a host of Lakeland fells can be seen, today we had a treat. reflecting the five (or so) peaks that make up the high ridge walk of Crinkle Crags. Before Taw house is reached we flank Brotherikeld Farm from where we crossed the River Esk via a long narrow wooden footbridge which then dropped us out right into a farmers field full of sleeping sheep…sleeping until we got there that is. Not after completing the longest continuous scrambling gradient in England. Our route starts from Wasdale Head. This allowed for many, many rests and frequent checks of my 'Scrambles in the Lake District' text. An oasis of grass at Three Tarns is succeeded by a bouldery scramble up to Bowfell's e qually rocky summit. After passing beneath the vast crags & shattered boulder field of Esk Buttress do we finally have our first sight of Ill Crag & Cockly Pike, at this point however our ridge route isn’t so apparent as it only starts from the base of Cockly Pike itself, so without further a do, we down packs for a quick rest from where we can plot our route to firstly gain Cockly Pike. The north face of Spionkop Ridge look s quite intimidating from below, t hankfully the lay of the ridge ke eps most of the wind at bay. Cockley Beck to Coniston, possibly via Wetherlam, is on the to-do list as of today and I've done Coniston to Sail via the Old Man several times, even including that lovely ridge that includes Brown Pike … Cockley Pike Ridge - one of the longest continuous scrambles in the Lake District and the setting alone should merit 3 stars. Before leaving Esk Pike summit I took the time to take a few more photos before our Ore Gap descent, here looking into the Langstrath Valley as both Allan Crags & Glaramara dominate its left flanks, over to the right we have High Raise (Langstrath) with the distant summits of Sergeant’s Crag & Eagle Crag as the valley flows north into Borrowdale. After crossing over a cleverly disguised stile in the wall, the going got really tough as the chosen route climbed steeply up the fellside. After crossing over a cleverly disguised stile in the wall, the going got really tough as the chosen route climbed steeply up the fellside. I pick the remains of cotton from my bare white steaming feet (sorry) & begin to give the once trusty Brasher Season Two socks a shake of luck before applying them back over my feet. We set about kitting up taking long swigs of diluted pop from the extra bottles we had with us, not before leaving them in the boot & packing more into the side pockets of our packs. Time here could have stood still, because memories from such walks will always remain firmly fixed, the Cockly Pike ridge may not be to everyone’s liking but it sure comes close to the next best thing. Cockley Cley is a village and civil parish in the English county of Norfolk.It covers an area of 17.94 km 2 (6.93 sq mi) and had a population of 138 in 58 households in the 2001 census, including South Pickenham and increasing to a population of 232 in 103 households at the 2011 Census. The day was threatening to be lovely and sunny however, as I eventually reached the top of the climb, a bank of high cloud rolled in eradicating the morning's brightness. It was time to make our exit by taking a right at Ore Gap via Yeastyrigg Gill, here I am cursed as I go over on my right ankle not once but twice consecutively, I have no excuse for my clumsiness but the small stones that are rattling & causing such pain in both my boots. Cher Fan Club Recommended for you Cockly Pike was gained quite quickly after negotiating the first of many scrambles to reach its cairn-less summit, here the choice to use my poles wasn’t going down to well as they hampered my ascent towards the last push not helped by a hands on approach to finally top out on the summit itself, just minutes after taking them from the pack I fasten them back in again. Ridge Pike is a major historic road that opened in 1706 that originally connected Wissachickon Creek to Perkiomen Creek. A brilliant grade 1 scramble, through Pavey Ark, in the Langdale valley. Our ascent on Ill Crag via the Cockly Pike ridge took us the best part of ninety minutes, it was ninety minutes of adrenalin fuelled heart thumping action & I for one will never complain that a ridge ascent was over too soon. Grade 1 Scramble / Grade 4 Walk – Jack’s Rake 7 miles (11.2km), with 2500 ft (762m) of ascent Meeting Time: 9.30am in Elterwater village (for complimentary transport to the start). The wet rocky scramble just below the summit of Causey Pike. The Bochwlyd Horseshoe initially ascends Tryfan’s North Ridge, the longest sustained Scramble in Snowdonia, before descending Tryfan South Ridge (the less exciting route! Must-do routes include the huge SE Face of Ill Crag (grade 3), Pen by Thor's Buttress (3), Cockly Pike Ridge (1) and Round How (2). Create your own unique website with customizable templates. We press on with our descent down Calf Cove. A grade 3 scramble with some classic Lake District scrambling, the Pinnacles on St Sunday crag. Walk three from my ‘out of the ordinary walks’ would be a direct ascent on Ill Crag from Great Moss which up until a few weeks ago were just words on a sheet of paper as I hadn’t really planned on how I was going to get myself up there, if at all it was even possible for the average walker already knowing somewhere in the back of my head, that the most direct ascents were Grade 3/4 Scrambles. Pinnacle Ridge, St Sunday Crag A classic grade 3 scramble, in a fantastic setting, with a steep crux corner. After reaching our next designated stop we again took hold of the route by giving it a few moments of thought before proceeding again, seeing as we were having so much fun sticking to the boulder field we again stuck to what we thought best, in this case by veering left over the top of the boulders once more. Long Pike scramble, high on Great End. Our delay hadn’t really put that much time on the day & was soon forgot about once we hit the Motorway. now that the sun is also shining on Bowfell at the end. We were really starting to gain some height now. It is still a good distance before we reach the Esk Hause path at the head of the valley, at this point we can only just make out the summit of Ill Crag as Esk Buttress & Pen vastly dominate our ascent ridge. Facts About Scafell Pike Height above sea level: 978m / 3,209ft I changed into the 5.10's and set off. Cockley Cley All Saints is an ancient parish. This view never fails to bring out the wow factor for me. Blea Crag from Cockley How. Nothing can quite prepare you for the sight of Scafell Pike as it dominates Great Moss & the Esk. Feedback comments are intended to give extra information about a route which may be helpful to other climbers. It is a sea of boulder and rock. Set high above Upper Eskdale and The Great Moss, with views over to Scafell, Slight Side, Esk Pike, and Crinkle Crags, it's pretty fantastic. I did this about 30 years ago. It is an unusual starting point for the ascent of Grey Friar but proves an interesting round. I was the first to give Tim the good news. COCKLEY-CLEY (All Saints), a parish, in the union of Swaffham, hundred of South Greenhoe, W. division of Norfolk, 3 miles (S. W. by S.) from Swaffham. This can include 'βeta' which is crucial information about the route which may be how to do a move, or tips about hidden holds or gear. Should be back that way in the summer with a few of the lads as we want to get on to Ill Crag via the Cockley Pike Ridge scramble and then on to Broad Crag. When I look back one of the best memories that I took away was the plotting & planning on which route to take. Site location details and google satellite image for Cockley Cley Please click on the map icon below to load Cockley Cley in your preferred map Latitude\Longitude: 52.60358 , 0.64335 A slightly wider view . Crescent Climb (moderate rock climb) on Pavey Ark may be a scramble to some, but the lack of protection and exposure would render this a rock climb to others. After arriving at the top of the grassy rake we were presented with the ridge ahead. I go with the idea to use my trusty walking poles during the ascent on Ill Crag but I couldn’t have got my choice more wrong if I’d tried, but more on that later. The final scramble to its summit from this side is considered a moderate scramble by those who have done it, and the interceding 3.0 km of beautiful scenery and ridge-walking certainly make the journey worthwhile! We press on towards the summit of Esk Pike, not before one last picture of…. All Saints was once a round towered church, but on 29th August 1991 the tower collapsed. This particular view of Scafell is up there amongst my favourite views of Scafell Pike, more so when the weather is as clear as we had today. Even then, the mercury was rising rapidly and the climb up Cockley Pike and the remainder of the ridge was collar-work. While I was at work Tim did some homework on Ill Crag on its possible ascents, most of which as already mentioned were highly graded Scrambles, all except one, a direct ascent via Cockly Pike. Continue to an obvious block with an overhang at its base at the bottom of the cone of Pike O'Stickle. Tim arrives to find me still taking photos of this iconic Lakeland landmark, I will try not to leave it so long until my next visit. The adrenalin rush over, Cofa Pike deposited me on the always busy Fairfield, and it was, I … Well, seeing as Esk Pike was en-route I couldn’t see any reason why not, if anything including, Esk Pike completed the days proceedings. You may be able to make out a small stretch of water in the foreground which bases itself beneath the summit of Great End, this is Lambfoot Dub, which by all accounts is also on this years ‘to do list’. Cockley Bridge is at the junction of roads from Hardknott Pass, Wrynose Pass and from the south, Seathwaite in the Duddon Valley. At around 400 metres of height gain this is probably the longest scramble in England, with the added bonus of finishing on a high mountain summit that can offer absolutely gobsmacking views. Here one can only look on feeling like a very small part of something spectacular that has been here for the past 450 million years. As is so often the case with scrambling terrain, there was much variation possible and we opted for maximum time on rock throughout. No need to register, buy now! ... descend to Eskdale via the grade 1 route on Ill crag (Cockley Pike ridge?). Known to climbers as Esk Buttress, this 400-foot near vertical crag rises from the fellside low down in the mountains east flank, over looking the River Esk.Â. Find the perfect cockley stock photo. We soon shouldered packs & made our way of Ill Crag’s rock strewn summit before meeting with the busy path feeding more & more walkers onto the Pike, the sun was blazing down & most walkers we passed were walking shirtless thankfully carrying with them large amounts of hydration in some cases which was good to see. Feedback comments are intended to give extra information about a route which may be helpful to other climbers. Looking back on Dumas Dubs & a distant Harter Fell (Eskdale) as we flank High Scarth Crag. From top of Cockly Pike is wide choice of route.The best way is to follow rock rib on the left or there is steep scree in the middle of ridge.Finally there is fine finish on sound rock on summit tower/grade 2/.This is avoidable on the left.From summit of III crag turn right to reach saddle between III crag and Broad crag and meet crowds on path from Esk house.From here easy stroll to Scafell Pike. Scafell Pike – 978m . The day was threatening to be lovely and sunny however, as I eventually reached the top of the climb, a bank of high cloud rolled in eradicating the morning's brightness. Scafell Pike from the path to Esk Hause. Cher Fan Club Recommended for you There are ways to leave the fells, Lingcove Beck through Upper Eskdale has got to be one of the best Lakeland has to offer. We struck up a fairly obvious pathless route to gain Cockly Pike which wasn’t without its steepness. A series of false summits up the ridge of Cockley How, leads to a grand spot to sit and admire the view of Derwent Water and beyond; this lower top has a slightly better view than the main summit. Beyond the central fells we have the eastern fells in the very back ground with the Helvellyn ridge penetrating from south to north until Blencathra can be seen in the far left of the photo. Whilst most people will be able do this walk, it requires a reasonable head for heights and an ability to scramble over a short rocky patch. Tackling Scafell Pike from Wasdale Head is an ‘easier approach’ and definitely the quickest. Not content with disturbing the sleeping sheep we also did a pretty good job of waking the sheep dogs whilst passing through Taw House Farm some of which barked from behind closed barn doors shattering the peace as we passed through this quiet haven, after closing the farm gate behind us we left the dogs barking who still could be heard from a good distance up the path. With a well trod ridge path to guide me I descended to Deepdale Hause before my next ascent of the day, a hands on scramble over my favourite summit in the whole of Lakeland, the rock crown of Cofa Pike. This view looking to a cloud covered Skiddaw and Blencathra. Nevertheless it is good route, well worth doing because of its length, feeling of … Despite this it was still shady on the slopes of Ulpha Fell which was a small comfort. So a feasible day in decent light would be from Langdale to the Pike, down to Cockley Beck, or the other way about. Tim picks a boulder to sit on as I start to un-lace both my boots, my laces leave small dust plumes as I begin to untie them, once done I duly empty the contents of Cockly Pike onto the ground. ).That’s enough of a mountain day for most, but wait! I somehow manage to nip ahead of Tim & found myself at a blind bend in the path first, here the sight of Slight Side was just sensational & was a real impressive surprise to Tim by the time he had caught up with me. It is an unusual starting point for the ascent of Grey Friar but proves an interesting round. After failing to find the cause of what was going on I can only assume that a rescue was underway, I only hope it was nothing too serious. Cher & Chaz Bono - All I Really Want to Do (Live on The Cher Show, 1975) - Duration: 9:29. England's highest volcano: Scafell Pike was formed more than 450 million years ago when an ancient volcano exploded and then got itself ground down to a fraction of its former height by multiple ice ages. Unfortunately, the trail is neither clear nor obvious, so you’ll need some pathfinding skills. By the time we reached the summit cairn the adrenalin had started to subside a little so we decided it was a great time to eat lunch, without a breath of wind & as the sun beat down we sat there upon the summit people watching as they made their way to Scafell Pike. Langstrath then Eagle and Sergeant's Crags, then the Ullscarf ridge and then the Helvellyn group from the climb to Esk Pike. Besides the splendid views that unfolded before us I had other reasons why I choose to plan our exit via the scenic Lingcove Beck & the isolation that it had to offer. We pick our descent via a narrow path which seemed to have a sudden steep drop to it, either that or my now painful feet were starting to play tricks on me. Langstrath Cam Crag Ridge 2/3 8km / 5 miles via Tarn at Leaves or 12km / 7.5 miles via Glaramara Twenty fours hours later I am almost lost for words when I think just how incredibly fantastic that ridge climb was. If all this isn't enough, why not consider linking this route with either of the other routes mentioned here, or for a very fit & determined team linking all 3 would provide a HUGE day out. But … Earlier Tim & I had spoke about our next move, or more to the point should we include Bowfell or descend Ore Gap via Yeastyrigg Gill from where we could pick up Lingcove Beck, the decision to leave out Bowfell was a hard one from both our parts as the final call took quite a long time to make. . From the summit of Cockly Pike we had another fairly obvious choice on which way to gain the main ridge, the summit can be seen in the top left of the photo which can be mis-leading when thinking that the ridge goes straight up from Cockly Pike, it seems that there are a matter of twist & turns together with the odd descent & ascents thrown in too. Or you could go straight back down Grisedale to the bright lights of Glenridding. If all this isn't enough, why not consider linking this route with either of the other routes mentioned here, or for a very fit & determined team linking all 3 would provide a HUGE day out. From here contour around again until you come to crags with a gully on the right. Whilst on our ridge ascent at times the conical summit of Ill Crag was sometimes lost behind walls of crags & scree, after more hands on scrambling & with the summit out of sight we topped out on a grassy purchase only to realise that the summit was in fact, much farther away than we had anticipated. ... (G2) and then on the the East Ridge of Nethermost Pike and then to Helvellyn’s edges. It all started at McDonald’s, back in Wigan. The rock is rough and superb throughout, but do watch out for the odd loose bit! Bochlwyd Horseshoe – (Page 56) This includes TWO of the best scrambles in Snowdonia, as well as another two in descent! My socks are twisted & show signs of wear so thin that the once cushioning that once stretched from tip to toe now resembles a quality sheet of tracing paper. Tim held back a while & studied the clear waters as I made my way over to Lingcove Bridge which is a place I regrettably have to say, I’d yet to visit. Langdale 2 Pike o’ Stickle ­ Face route 2 16km / 10 miles An intricate scramble on a high, exposed mountain buttress; well worth the effort of gaining the first rocks. Route map for 'Cockley Beck,Scafell Pike,Esk Pike,Lingcove Beck' - a 18.0km walking route near Seathwaite, UK. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves at the Esk Pike’s summit cairn, here we were greeted to large groups of walkers equally enjoying a day on the sunburnt fells.

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