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Free shipping for many products! What's the connection between Nintendo Power magazine and this film? The film was panned by critics and grossed $59.9 million against its $84–100 million budget. In 2005, Son of the Mask, the stand-alone sequel of sorts to Jim Carrey's uber-popular The Mask, arrived in theaters with Jamie Kennedy in the starring role. Menu. The baby then gets ahold of powers of the mask. Jamie Harvey Kennedy (born May 25, 1970) is an American actor. Ben Stein makes a brief reappearance in the beginning of the film as Dr. Arthur Neuman from The Mask to reestablish the relationship with the mask and Loki. In anger, he removes Dr. Neuman's still talking face from his body and puts it on the mask stand, before getting rid of the guards and storming out of the museum in a whirlwind of rage. In the film, a broken family is trying to get together again. Was this review helpful to you? Timothy "Tim" Avery is a character from Son of the Mask, he is played by the American actor Jamie Kennedy. Loki is still trying to find the Mask and is informed by his father that a baby has been created from the mask and if he finds the baby he will find the mask. He later named it the fifth worst film of 2005. Loki is still trying to find the Mask and is informed by his father that a baby has been created from the mask and if he finds the baby he will find the mask. Creating The Son Of The Mask. [6], In 2001, it was reported that Lance Khazei was asked by New Line Cinema to do the script for a sequel to The Mask. (2005). "Son of the Mask" is the sorry little offspring of Jim Carrey's 1994 hit "The Mask," about a geel who gains superpowers and a super ego — and turns into a cartoon — when he stumbles on an ancient mask. This new situation precipitates a series of events and realizations that lead the two men to ... See full summary ». The site ranked the film 75th in the 100 worst reviewed films of the 2000s. [11] Lou Lumerick of the New York Post, gave the film a zero-star rating and said that, "Parents who let their kids see this stinker should be brought up on abuse charges; so should the movie ratings board that let this suggestive mess slip by with a PG rating."[12]. Saddened and enraged, Loki tries to kill Tim, but his time has run out and Odin appears in person, where he begins to banish him. Showing all 21 items Jump to: Photos (5) Quotes (16) Photos . Tim, who has been promoted at work, desperately tries to work on his cartoon at home, but is continuously disrupted by baby Alvey, in order to get some peace and quiet, Tim lets Alvey watch Michigan J. Frog, Woody Woodpecker, The Flintstones, and Transformers on the television. [7], Addressing the differences between the sequel and the original film, Russell compared it to the differences between Alien and Aliens, stating that, "Son of the Mask is a completely different story."[8]. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? "[13][failed verification] The poor reception of Son of the Mask, of which affected Kennedy personally, inspired him to co-create the documentary film Heckler, an examination of both hecklers and professional critics. So Some Random God (Bob Hopskns) Calls Loki (Alan Cumming) To Get Alvey. The toddlers must race against time for the sake of babies everywhere. The magazine held a contest where the first prize would be awarded a walk-on role in the film. 38 product ratings - Son of the Mask (DVD, 2005) Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming - FREE SHIPPING. It was the most nominated film at the 2005 Golden Raspberry Awards with eight, winning for Worst Remake or Sequel,[14] and won several 2005 Stinkers Bad Movie Awards, including Worst Actor (Jamie Kennedy), Worst Sequel, and Worst Couple. Burwood, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. But honestly, doing this movie is an interesting experience because I just came off my show and Malibu's Most Wanted where I had a good amount of control. Son of the Mask DVD. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Will she be able to save all the young people in the world who suffer from depression near Christmas Time? Son of the Mask (2005) Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery. He was hoping Carrey would come back as the title character, along with Amy Yasbeck, who played reporter Peggy Brandt in the original. Then Tim puts it on and has a baby with his wife with the mask on. Then one day Odis finds a strange green mask. The funny Jamie Kennedy (Malibu's Most Wanted - Malibu kidnapping) takes the role of the protagonist, the aspiring cartoonist Tim Avery, who is having doubts about fatherhood when he is taking care of someone else's son, a child with incredible abilities. Ten years after the first film, Dr. Arthur Neuman (Ben Stein) is giving a tour of the hall of Norse mythology in Edge City Museum. After Loki (Alan Cumming) is dispatched to Earth to retrieve the Mask, cartoonist Tim Avery (Jamie Kennedy) inadvertently uses it to conceive a child, who inherits its powers.Future. Can he even qualify as an actor? Eventually, Odin, possessing Tim's body, becomes fed up with Loki's destructive approach for defying him once again and strips his son of his powers. He goes from … The baby, named Alvey, is born with the same powers as the mask which alerts Odin. Meanwhile, the real mask, makes its way to a town called Fringe City, and is found in a river by a dog named Otis - who belongs to Tim Avery, an aspiring animator at an animation studio, who is feeling reluctant to become a father.

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